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About Us

We are Samurai Active Entertainment Products, we make innovative products for active entertainment centres, trampoline parks, ninja courses, inflatable theme parks, soft plays, aqua parks and more.

We are the leading global sock supplier in the active entertainment marketplace; our product, service and quality sets us apart. In fact, our world leading expertise is trusted by some of the most recognisable trampoline park and FEC brands. 

We have a huge number of valued clients around the world and are leading supplier of our specialist goods to the European active entertainment market. 

About our socks

Grip socks are vital for maintaining health and safety standards in active venues, are a wearable marketing tool and provide an essential revenue stream for your business.

The Samurai generic stock sock has an eye catching generic unbranded design, with a range of proven performance features, specially created for the active entertainment sector. 

Every year we manufacture and deliver millions of the highest quality grip socks across the globe.

Find out more about our custom branded products service.